Claire Colbert

Co-Founder and Accredited Mediator

ClaireClaire Colbert, Accredited Mediator, Mediation and More LLP


  • LLB Law Degree and Legal Practice Course
  • Qualified solicitor from 2001 (and collaborative practitioner), non practising from September 2021.
  • Accredited Family Mediator
  • Qualified Child Inclusive Mediator
  • Qualified Hybrid Mediator
  • Distinction in Couples & Family Therapy Diploma
  • Qualified Professional Practice Consultant (PPC)
T: 07548824933


About Me

Working as an accredited family mediator I specialise in helping couples and families in dispute. Before setting up Family Mediation and Mentoring with my friend and colleague, Rachael Oakes, I worked for over 20 years as a specialist family lawyer. I understand in great detail the issues involved with separation, divorce and family disputes. I am the author of the Which Guide to Divorce and Splitting up (2010) and the Which Divorce Guide 2015 and am co-chair of the Resolution Parenting After Parting committee.

Going through separation and divorce and the transition that this requires can be very emotional and challenging.  Family breakdown and family disputes are statistically one of the most stressful things a person can face in life. People are often worrying about the future, their children, how they are going to pay for everything and even where they are going to live.

At Family Mediation and Mentoring LLP we offer a variety of mediation options and we can meet with children as part of the process. I am also Hybrid mediation trained, enabling mediation to take place with lawyers present.

Our focus is to facilitate the resolution of any issue involving family breakdown, separation, divorce and its financial consequences, arrangements for children and any other kind of family dispute. Our aim is to keep people out of court and their legal fees to a minimum.

Whilst working as family lawyers, Rachael and I were conscious that many couples wanted to meet with us together to obtain an understanding of the steps and options involved in divorce situations before they thought about instructing lawyers. We have a unique Family Law Information Service so that individuals or couples can obtain from us the information they need to help make informed decisions about what to do next. This service can reduce the risk of conflict, help reduce legal fees and assist people if they are representing themselves in the family court.

" You did not just sort out a divorce and a sensible settlement but you delivered a really elegant job that has enabled me to walk away feeling that the marriage had a fair end. Your skill gave me the confidence to move on. "

" When we felt completely out of our depth you went the extra mile to make us feel at ease and comfortable. Thank you for being so kind and helpful and for sorting my future life out! "