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Have you recently separated and need to resolve financial issues?

Do you need our help resolving future arrangements for your children

Mediation offers a place for you to talk calmly and confidentially about the issues, helping you work together to achieve practical solutions for you and your family.

We specialise in helping couples and families in dispute

At Family Mediation and Mentoring LLP our focus is to facilitate the resolution of any issue involving family breakdown, separation, divorce and its financial consequences, arrangements for children and any other kind of family dispute.

We care about you and your family. Going through separation and the transition that this requires can be very emotional and challenging. Family breakdown and family disputes are statistically one of the most stressful things a person can face in life. People are often worrying about the future, their children, how they are going to pay for everything and even where they are going to live.

Family Mediation and Mentoring LLP was established by Claire Colbert and Rachael Oakes to resolve family conflict using their skills as accredited mediators and drawing on all of the knowledge and experience they have each built up over the last 20 years as specialist family lawyers. We are also able to offer other supporting services that law firms can't.

Whilst working as family lawyers we were conscious that many couples wanted to meet with us together to obtain an understanding of the steps and options involved in divorce situations. In addition to mediation, we offer a unique Family Law Information Service about separation and divorce. As an individual or couple, you can obtain from us the knowledge you need to help you make informed decisions about what to do next. This service can reduce the risk of conflict, help you keep your legal costs down or assist you if you are representing yourself in the family court.

We are able to mediate family disputes that many other businesses do not cover. We are also able to support, through coaching and mentoring, clients dealing with family disputes and the lawyers that work with them. Our bespoke training programmes are aimed at supporting professionals working in the field of family law.

Family Mediation Services


What is a pension expert and why might I need one for my divorce?

Pensions are all too often overlooked or not considered carefully enough when a couple divorce or dissolve their civil partnership.

I have been a victim of domestic abuse – can I still use mediation to help me sort out my divorce and stay out of court?

Before we take any couple into joint mediation meetings, we first have a private and confidential meeting with each person.

Why do I need to provide my financial information if we have agreed everything?

In family mediation we are often working with couples who want to sort out the issues relating to their separation and divorce without going to court.


Clients praise Claire Colbert for "The empathy, compassion and understanding she shows, coupled with her ability to make the complex simple."

Another source adds: "She has dealt with all matters in a calm, tactful and sensitive way while making sure that my interests were best represented and served."

Chambers & Partners

"Rachael is a class act; she is absolutely brilliant with clients and has a pleasant approach."

Chambers & Partners

"Claire’s personable style backed with expertise is a mix that has impressed me and reassured me throughout the legal process."

"Rachael, Thank you so much for being my ‘wing man’ and the calm voice of reason throughout this mad and crazy process! You have definitely helped to keep me sane."

Claire: "Outstanding in every respect, showing consistent dedication and commitment that is both impressive and reassuring."

The Legal 500

"Claire could suggest solutions and alternatives that we would not have been familiar with or would not have considered. She ensured that we understood what was being discussed and made a difficult situation much easier by fostering an environment that was as relaxed as possible."

Chambers & Partners

Rachael: "Hugely impressive, formidable, very good with clients and well respected by the judiciary."

The Legal 500

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