So Why Use Us?

Claire Colbert and Rachael Oakes established Family Mediation and Mentoring LLP because they care about people going through family breakdown and wanted to be able to offer a tailored, flexible service that supports individuals, couples and families.

But, what makes us different?

  • We can meet you by yourself, with your partner or with others in your family who need to be part of finding a solution to whatever issue needs to be addressed.
  • We can provide information in a way that law firms can’t because we can meet with couples who want to understand things together and work through the issues.
  • We will always do our very best to keep you out of court so that you can find an amicable resolution.
  • Where appropriate, we can provide your children with a voice in the process, an option not all mediators can offer.
  • Our mediators have each worked as specialist family lawyers for over 20 years, there is not much they haven’t seen or had to deal with.
  • We are qualified to conduct Hybrid Mediations, offering an alternative to the traditional mediation process.
  • We have a track record of achieving successful outcomes for people experiencing family breakdown.
  • Should additional professional support (e.g. pension advice, financial advice, mortgage advice, legal advice) be needed we have a network of trusted experts we can recommend you to.
  • We are cost effective.
  • Our focus is to support you through one of the most important transitions you will ever experience and help you move forward.

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