Pre-Marital and Post Marital Agreements

Agreements put in place either before you get married, or during the marriage, are becoming more common place to protect assets should there be a later divorce. These agreements, sometimes called pre & post marital agreements, can be difficult to talk about in the lead up to a wedding.

Mediation can be used to discuss the financial and practical issues that need to be included in these agreements.

We will facilitate the conversations that need to take place to help you explore and decide what your agreement should contain.

The benefits of using mediation include maintaining open communication and avoiding expensive negotiation through solicitors, helping you agree the terms of a pre or post marital agreement that works for you both.

Our mediators have worked as family lawyers for over 20 years, and bring this expertise to the mediation process. Over the years we have prepared many of these agreements for couples. This enables us to ensure that you have a full understanding of the law and all the information that these types of agreements should contain to ensure they are as legally binding as possible.

When dealing with these agreements there is an obligation on you both to give full financial disclosure, ensuring that any agreement reached is on the basis that everyone understood all of the financial circumstances involved.

If we reach resolution of what should go into the agreement then we will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which is supported by an Open Financial Summary (OFS). These documents can then be sent to your lawyers who will prepare the formal agreement that will be signed by you and your lawyers.

facilitate • inform • resolve

Mediation offers a place for you to talk calmly and confidentially about the issues, helping you work together to achieve practical solutions for you and your family. 


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