Child Inclusive Mediation: Information for Children and Young People

When your parents separate sometimes you might feel like….

  • No-one talks to you or tells you what you want to know;
  • No-one listens to you;
  • Sometimes you don’t see both parents enough;
  • No-one answers your questions;
  • Everything seems to change;
  • Parents are sometimes upset;
  • No-one is interested in how the changes affect you and your life and activities.

If your parents have been coming to mediation to help them discuss and sort out arrangements related to their separation or divorce it may well be possible for us to also meet with you. You would be able to talk with us about what your thoughts are and what you would like your parents to consider when they are discussing arrangements with us.

Perhaps you would like to see a mediator to talk about how you see things?

  • A meeting can be arranged for you;
  • Ask your Mum and Dad about it;
  • The meeting will only happen if you want it to;
  • Sometimes you just want to talk – it is your chance to talk in confidence about what you think;
  • Sometimes you want your parents to know what you think – sometimes you don’t;
  • You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to;
  • You decide with the Mediator what you want feedback to your parents, if anything;
  • Your parents will still make the decisions.

If you would like to see the Mediator who is helping your parents to agree arrangements which will affect you, please let your parents know and they can talk to us to arrange it.

Useful websites

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facilitate • inform • resolve

Mediation offers a place for you to talk calmly and confidentially about the issues, helping you work together to achieve practical solutions for you and your family. 


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