This meeting offers you the chance to find out more about mediation and whether mediation is suitable for you and your family. This meeting will also be an opportunity for you to find out what other options there may be to resolve the issues you are having to deal with.

If you are interested in the mediation process and are considering mediation as an option for you and your former partner, you will both need to have a separate MIAM with the same mediator, to review the suitability of mediation before the first joint meeting can be booked.

If you do not think mediation is appropriate and that a court application is necessary, in most circumstances, you will still need to have a MIAM before the court application can be filed because the application must be accompanied by a MIAM certificate which we can provide.  

Our MIAMs are done by Zoom or Teams at a time that you select from our online booking system. The meetings cost £126 (inc. VAT). A MIAM can be booked here.

If you have any questions book a free call here.


facilitate • inform • resolve

Mediation offers a place for you to talk calmly and confidentially about the issues, helping you work together to achieve practical solutions for you and your family. 


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