Book Review- (Almost) Anything But Family Court by Jo O'Sullivan, Edited by Bob Greig and Rebecca Giraud

“(Almost) Anything But Family Court offers parents a detailed roadmap towards a positive goal. Oozing with common-sense and emotional insight, the available options and various routes are explained in non-legal language” Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Law Division.

I was honoured to be asked to review an early edition of this book, which outlines the people and processes separating parents need to know about if they are to avoid family court. It has been written to increase confidence, reduce stress, avoid wasting time and money.

The true cost of going through family court often remains hidden, with consequences including legal costs, stress, impact on co-parenting relationships, a deterioration in mental health, and anxiety for not just the adults involved, but also the children. No matter how daunting and difficult, reaching an agreement outside of the family courts that works for both will be the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

The book offers clear, sensible, invaluable guidance on how to avoid court and understand the different options and ways forward which can often seem overwhelming or daunting.

When you order this book you will receive two copies, one for you and one for your ex, on the basis that the writers believe that if you and your ex are reading from the ‘same page’ you will both be better informed as to the options for separating that avoid the family courts where possible. What a fantastic idea.

Who might find this book useful?

Separating parents

Friends of those who are separating

Family and relationship counsellors

Family members supporting relatives through separation, such as grandparents

Family support organisations

Family lawyers and mediators as a reference to help your clients

GP’s and teachers

I wish all separating couples could read this book before making any decisions about how to proceed.

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