Experts that can help us in Family Mediation Meetings

Which professionals can be involved and help in Family Mediation?

Sometimes the issues we need to consider when mediating can be greatly assisted by an expert joining us in meetings.  Anyone coming into the mediation process will sign the agreement to mediate so that all participants are bound by the confidential and without prejudice nature of mediation process.


The types of expert that we can use can include; -

·      Lawyers

If the issues we are dealing with are particularly legally complex, it can help to have lawyers attend some or all of the meetings.  This is called Hybrid Mediation, more details of which can be found here-

·      Financial Neutral

Having advice and assistance from a financial adviser, acting in a neutral capacity, can help explore financial options and alternatives and help couples understand how realistic those options are from a financial perspective.

 ·      Pension Adviser

Understanding pensions, their values, different ways of sharing pensions and what future income they could create, can be very valuable in the mediation process. An adviser can also help us better understand any pension charges that might be relevant and relevant tax issues.

·      Family Therapist

In mediation, communication between parents can be a key issue. Having a family therapist as part of the meetings can assist in establishing and identifying new communication methods and reframing the co-parenting relationship.


There are also experts we can refer people to if help is needed outside of our meetings, including

·      Mortgage advisers

·      Actuaries who look at pensions

·      Lawyers, Barristers and Arbitrators

·      Counsellors/Coaches

·      Tax advisers

·      Property Valuers

·      Business Valuers


If you have any queries or would like to know more about family mediation, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us on 0800 206 2258

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