Top 10 tips for mediating online

Mediating by video technology has advantages- read our top tips!


1.        If you are still living together, make sure you are in separate rooms for the meeting.  

2.       Ensure any children are looked after and know not to disturb you during the meeting.

3.       Make sure that you are sitting in a private place where you will not be interrupted or overheard. Remember that no-one else can be in the room with you and no one should be able to hear what is being discussed.

4.       Make sure that the laptop/tablet which you propose to use is fully charged or plugged in to the mains.

5.       Check your background and what will be seen behind you when you are on the call.

6.       Have a notepad and pen in case you want to write anything down. The session must not be audio or video recorded.

7.      Have any financial information you need to share easily accessible or be able to email it.

8.     Turn off your mobile phone so that you will not be interrupted.

9.     Check you have the electronic meeting invitation and test this before the meeting. Keep the email/invite with the logon details so that you can use this again if for any reason the connection fails during the meeting.

10.  Test your microphone and that you can be heard clearly when you speak and that you can hear what others on the call are saying.


If you have not used Zoom/Teams before and would like a test call with the mediator before the meeting, this can be arranged.

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