Book Review - Resolving Conflict by Shay & Margaret McConnon

How to Manage Disagreements and Develop Trust and Understanding

This book offers many tried and trusted approaches to ensure that conflicts are managed so that they are positive and creative rather than a process of disintegration.

The 2nd edition of this book, in a new format, is relevant for businesses, institutions and wherever people work together and/or need to find a way to resolve conflict.

Many of the issues discussed in this book are worth reading as a family lawyer and/or mediator or any other professional dealing with family disputes and supporting people through those issues.

It discusses topics such as:

·    Each of us has a unique window on the world

·    The 4 basic personality types

·    Is conflict inevitable and can it be constructive?

·    Look at the language that fuels conflict

·    How to manage the feelings of others

·    Discover the three skills for managing conflict

·    How can you nip conflict in the bud

Shay and Margaret McConnon are co-founders of “People First”, an international training and consultancy group that runs courses on winning relationships in the workplace. They work with leading companies in Europe and the USA.

"One of the best books I have read on conflict resolution in my 30+ years in the field." - Office of Mediation, The World Bank

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