Book Review- Split Survival Kit by Dr Angharad Rudkin and Ruth Fitzgerald

The newly published "Split Survival kit" offers a guide through the journey of separation and divorce from a child's perspective.

The "Split Survival Kit" by Dr Rudkin and Ruth Fitzgerald is a newly published book for children who may find themselves dealing with parental separation. The book hopes to help children find the ability to talk openly about and manage their feelings themselves and the feelings of others. 

The book covers:-

- How a child might feel and what might make them feel better 

  • Provides reassurance and normalises feelings
  • Gives tips and a "survival kit"
  • Suggests how to recognise feelings and deal with anger
  • Looks at "Thinking differently" 
  • Covers managing anxieties and gaining a sense of control
  • Provides options of how to explain the situation to others and get support 
  • Details how to manage if parents put you in the middle
  • Looks at how to negotiate different house rules
  • Offers suggestions for managing new relationships partners and children 

The book is well written and child friendly and focused and a valuable resource for children to navigate the journey of parental separation, helping them to acquire the tools to support them along the way.

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