Parenting After Parting

For the last few years I have been a member of the Resolution Parenting After Parting committee, this year I was proud to be appointed co-chair.

The committee’s aim is to help train and educate family lawyers about the importance of parenting during and after separation and to share information and resources that help parents (and their lawyers).

This year we decided to bring together much of the work done in the past into one guide for separated parents. The 40-page guide covers; -

• The end of the relationship – what does it feel like and what will happen now?
• What should your first steps be after separating from a partner?
• New co-parenting roles and communication
• The role of the voice of the child
• The types of disputes that might arise between separating parents and changes that might happen along the way
• The legal position and Jargon Buster
• What to do if you are in an abusive relationship?
• Helpful resources for parents and children

The guide also details the impact of separation on children and the reactions and behaviours parents might see, as well as ways to talk to children about the family changes.

This resource is available as a free download, or you can buy printed copies. This guide is a valuable resource that will help support anyone through the critical stages of their journey separated parent journey.

Download your free copy here -  Parenting through separation | Resolution

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