The flip-side of Valentine’s Day - help for separating couples – Free mediation helpline

We are helping separating couples cut Valentine’s Day emotional turmoil

Instead of feeling sadness at seeing Valentine's shop displays, newly-separated couples are being invited to get in touch on 14 February for help sorting their future family arrangements.


For many people freshly facing separation or divorce, heart and rose displays are a bitter sign of how the world has changed since they decided to split. When you’re just coming to terms with splitting up, 14 February can feel like a nightmare with reminders of how life used to be.


Instead of sinking into the gloom, you can do something positive this Valentine’s Day, getting expert help to navigate the choppy waters of your separation.


Family mediation is a process that helps ex-partners agree what willwork for them as they look to make arrangements for parenting, property andfinance, and we are ready to help guide you through.


We can give you expert information about your future options, helping you feel in control of the process.


Don’t leave decisions about your family to a court


For many separating couples, the prospect of going to a family court can feel overwhelming. Yet an independent, professionally-trained mediator can help you work things out, avoiding the court process with all the stress, delay and cost it can bring.


Professional mediators help empower you to create long-term solutions for your particular circumstances, rather than leaving it to a court to make decisions for your family.


Anyone wanting to know more about the benefits of family mediation can visit our website, call us on 0800 206 2258 or email us at


The life-changing decision to separate brings so many challenging questions, it can be hard to know where to turn:

·       Where will the children live, and how will we make sure we each spend time with them?

·       How will we sort money?

·       Who lives where?

·       What about debts and pensions?

·       And even the family dog?


Free call


You can go onto our website at and book a free call on a date and at a time that works for you and we will answer any questions about the mediation process and how it can help you and your family.



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