Your relationship is over- what do you do now?

Steps and options to think about

The end of any relationship can be difficult for many reasons.  The process that follows is often compared to the grief cycle, suggesting that following the end of a relationship there will be denial/shock, anger, bargaining, and depression/sadness before finally reaching acceptance.  It is not unusual to move backwards and forwards through these stages and there is no rule that will say how long this journey may take.  Ensuring you get the right support and help you might need during this time, to help you deal with the emotional, practical and legal issues, is really important.  

Some steps to think about include: -

•            Talk about your feelings with trusted friends and be honest about the support you need.

•            Consult a therapist or divorce coach.

•            Collate practical, financial, and legal information and resources to help you make informed choices about the steps that will follow.

•            Think about the impact of parental conflict on your children and be aware of how you manage this process will have an impact on how your children cope as well.

•            Look after yourself and do not rush into decisions.

Our Family Law information meetings can also be a useful tool you might like to consider. They can be attended alone or by a couple who wish to collate the legal information and resources to help them navigate and decide on the next steps to be taken.  We can also suggest other experts who would be able to help put in place a team of legal, financial, and practical support for you through the process, if that is what you decide you need.

If you would like information about our Family Law Information Meetings or how Mediation can help, please look at our webpages or contact us at or call us on 0800 206 2258. On our website you can also book a free 20 minute first consultation.

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